Make ADSL Great Again Discount

Strowger announces new politically incorrect price discounts.

Warning -- content may be offensive to some readers.  Viewer discretion advised.

Our ADSL loop extenders have been a great way to amplify ADSL signals and provide high speed broadband service to the deplorables in rural America that live too far from the telephone office to get great service.  In order to fight back against all the foolishness going on in Washington DC, Strowger is now offering a new series of politically incorrect price discounts as follows:


  • Make ADSL Great Again Discount -- This discount is good for 10% off AER800-1PBL. Use discount code "MAGA" on your purchase order to qualify.
  • Send her back (to ADSL) discount.  We have 40 units of AER800-1P on which we will waive the tariff charge and give an additional 25% discount.  Use discount code "Send her back" to qualify.
  • White Privilege Discount -- Some of you have been discriminating against the DAR420.  We are offering our affirmative action plan to combat this racism.  15% off with discount code "U R A Racist"
  • Climate Change Discount -- Its time to abandon those carbon polluting fiber optic lines and prevent the sky from falling.  Bring back clean, green VDSL with 10% off AER800-1PV. Use discount code " I am Chicken Little".
  • ADSL for All -- ADSL should be a basic human right.  We promise to make ADSL free for everyone if you elect Steve Vogel as president of the United States
  • Rainbow Discount -- 10% off AER800-C1PM.  This queer little guy does Annex M.  10% off with discount code "M-ophobe".
  • #MeToo Discount -- 10% off AER800-2P - two loop extenders under the same cover, but one of them has regrets.  Use discount code "I am A Victim".
  • Drain the Swamp Special -- .The WAT2A is a great little ADSL2+ test set, but has been just setting on the shelf doing nothing for years -- just like a Washington bureaucrat.   Clearance priced at $50 with discount code "massive downsizing".
  • Dont Ban Me Discount  -- This one is so good, it would get us banned from the internet.  Call for details.

 This program will constantly evolve during the election season. My apologies if we failed to offended you deeply. Come back soon to see a discount program to pander to your demographic.  If you can't laugh, you're on the wrong page.  Offer void if you have no sense of humor.